Breast Implants Surgery

Breast Implants / Enlargement

Loose, sagging breasts are a common problem seen in women following childbirth and lactation. Breast augmentation is an excellent option for regaining those youthful curves. Silicone implants are inserted to restore volume and shape of the breasts.

Ideal candidates include women following childbirth. It can also be used in congenitally small breasts or for correction of breast asymmetries. Implants come in various sizes and shapes. The choice of an implant is made following a detailed examination and a discussion of the optimum results with the patient.

The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia. It’s a short duration surgical procedure. Post op care mandates the use of supportive bras to ensure patient comfort . Heavy exercises and driving are prohibited after the surgery for a few weeks.

Lipoinjection is another option for small volume plumping of breast such as cleavage creation. Fat is aspirated from the abdomen or thighs and centrifuged before being injected with fine cannulas. The advantage of lipo injection is the soft, natural feel of fat with longevity of results.

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