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Breast reduction surgery


Disproportionately large breasts can be a source of considerable discomfort in women. In addition to being aesthetically unappealing, they can cause physical symptoms like shoulder and neck pain.

Breast reduction surgery involves placing incisions, one along the nipple areola complex, another extending from the areola to the inframammary crease and a incision along the crease. Excess breast tissue is excised taking care to preserve blood supply and nipple sensations. Requires general anaesthesia but it’s a short duration procedure and no admission is required.

Post op care involves the use of supportive garments and avoidance of exertion for initial few weeks post op. Pain medications are advised, avoidance of alcohol and smoking are recommended to ensure a smooth healing phase.


  • What are the side effects ?

    Breast reduction surgery involves excision of excess skin and glandular tissue to restore the normal aesthetic proportions. This entais ceratin possible side effect like:

    a. Decreased or altered nipple sensations.

    b. Difficulty in breast feeding

    c. Residual asymmetry in case of pre-existing difference in breast size

  • Does it leave scars ?

    There are various techniques of breast reduction depending upon the size of the breast and the required volume of excision. All these techniques leave behind types of scars. These are:

    a. Vertical scar extending from the nipple to the breast crease

    b. T shaped scar.

    The vertical limb of the scar extends from the nipple to the breast crease and the transverse part of the t lies along the breast crease.

  • Does it interfere with breast feeding?

    Breast reduction techniques include removal of excess tissue and loose skin. This can lead to a reduced ability to breast feed in some cases. However, the extent of reduction greatly influences the restoration of breast feeding.

  • Can breast enlargement recur?

    Breast reduction results are permanent. Some extent of skin sagging and other changes do occur in the course of time. However, the disproportionate increase in breast size does not recur after the surgery.

  • What are the precautions needed in the post op period?

    Immediate in the post operative period, you will be required to wear a surgical bra. This is to be continued for upto 3 months. Strenuos activities and weight training are to be avoided for upto 6 wks. Pregnancy should not be planned till atleast a year after surgery.

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