Male Breast Reduction in Delhi

Male Breast Reduction/Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia refers to enlargement of male breast tissue. It commonly occurs due to hormonal imbalances due to disturbances in the endocrine system of the body. Sometimes intake of certain drugs can also result in the above condition. Young males suffering with this problem often find it a cause of social embarrassment.

If persistent for a long time, surgical management is the only treatment available for gynecomastia. The procedure includes surgical removal of all breast tissue along with liposuction of the enlarged gland. It is a day care procedure usually performed under local anaesthesia.

Duration: Short duration, no admission required.

Post Op Care: Requires the use of compression garments for half-a-year to ensure proper body contouring. Heavy exercises are prohibited for initial few weeks after the surgery.

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✱ Results may vary person to person.

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