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Aestiva Plastic Surgery Centre

Best Plastic Surgery in Delhi | Best Cosmetic Surgery in Delhi

Aestiva Clinic provides a wide range of plastic and cosmetic surgery treatments in Delhi. ‘Aestiva’ is a Latin word which is related to Summer. Dr. Mrinalini specifically chose this name because summer is the best season to flaunt one’s beauty in various aspects. The definition of ‘perfect beauty’ can be different for each individual both in regards of facial features or body shape. Thankfully, one does not have to depend on luck anymore to look perfect. One can choose and improve their facial aesthetics and body shape with world class cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments in Delhi provided at the Aestiva Plastic Surgery Centre.

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Get beautiful lips with Lip Filler( लिप फिलर से पाएं खूबसूरत होंठ) | Lip Implants, Fat Grafting

Get beautiful lips with Lip Filler( लिप फिलर से पाएं खूबसूरत होंठ) | Lip Implants, Fat Grafting

Watch this before getting Body Contouring Surgery | Planning for Body Sculpting

Watch this before getting Body Contouring Surgery | Planning for Body Sculpting

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty? | Ethnic Nose Job | Nose Correction Surgery

What is Ethnic Rhinoplasty? | Ethnic Nose Job | Nose Correction Surgery

Asian Eye Fold Surgery

People of Asian families and of Western families have different defining features, such as the occurrence of an upper eyelids crease. There are about 50% Asians without an upper eyelid crease. Asian eyelid surgery is mostly required by Asians and Asian Americans, which helps them to create a more natural-looking crease above the eyelashes. The surgery helps one to look more awake as the eyes look bigger and wide open.


Nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty encompasses a variety of surgeries designed to correct deformities and intensify nasal proportions.The nose occupies a central position in the face and thereby lends a great deal to overall facial beauty and a pleasing look. A straight and symmetrical nose adds more attractiveness to one’s personality, while a crooked and deformed nose detracts from it.

Ear Reshaping / Earlobe Repair

Ear surgery is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery which is used to alter the shape and size of the ears or bring them closer to the side of the head. This treatment improves the position, shape, and proportion of the ear. This surgery is safe and provides the best results if performed by an expert surgeon.

Breas-t Surgery

Breas-t reduction surgery aims at removal of excess breas-t tissue, skin and fat to restore the ideal body proportions of a woman. Excessively large breas-ts can be a source of embarrassment and discomfiture. In addition to being aesthetically unappealing, they can also cause physical distress like chronic neck and shoulder pain.


This method removes fat pockets that one is not able to remove after performing vigorous exercise or dieting. So, liposuction helps to achieve desired body shape by removing fat deposits that are present between the muscle and skin. This body contouring procedure permanently removes fatty tissues and the results are everlasting if the patient maintains his/her weight.

Tummy Tuck

Loose, unsightly bulges in the waist and tummy area are a common problem in women, especially after childbirth. Many men also experience sagging skin, or some may have exercise-resistant fat deposits around the stomach or abdominal area. This condition occurs due to loss of skin elasticity, weakening of the abdominal muscles caused by certain factors like aging, sudden weight loss, and bariatric surgery and pregnancy.

Brazilian Butt Lift

In modern times the importance of the perfect shape and appearance of the buttocks has dramatically increased. Factors like aging, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, genetics, and poor lifestyle can sometimes affect the shape and structure of the buttocks and make them look unappealing. Buttocks augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery performed to enhance the shape and structure of the sagging, small, or deflated buttocks. Buttocks augmentation surgery is done using fat grafting (Brazilian Butt lift) and sometimes using silicone implants to achieve a highly desirable and fuller rounder buttocks profile.

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MBBS, MS – General Surgery, MCh – Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, founder of Aestiva Clinic, has emerged as one of the best plastic surgeons in Delhi. With 17 years of experience in the plastic surgery field, she has been providing advanced plastic and cosmetic surgery in Delhi at a very reasonable cost making it possible for people from all strata of society to look their best and get the perfect shape as well as size. Patients visit Dr. Mrinalini Sharma for the best plastic surgery in Delhi including treatments such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, bust surgeries for women, gynecomastia surgery, and facelift.


Nose, ears, eyes, lips - all these features combined together have a powerful effect on the overall appearance of the face. Just by making minor changes in these facial features one can improve their facial aesthetics, self-esteem, and confidence to a great extent. Same philosophy applies to body contouring surgeries. One may have a perfect figure except for that one particular area of concern such as tummy or back fat that makes the person’s body look disproportionate.

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Nitin Goswami

Beautiful result, so happy and grateful as Dr. Mrinalini Sharma was able to fix my lip scar. I did not experience very much pain at all and the healing process was easy. For the first few days it was a bit difficult to eat without stretching my lip but by a week post I had no trouble at all. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma is so talented, I am extremely pleased with the result.

Byabang Tapa

Dr.Mrinalini Mam is a superb surgeon. I would suggest everyone to visit Mrinalini Mam if you’re looking for a treatment like plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. The whole team of the clinic are very much responsive and they are very much frank,they treat you as a family and as a friend.I Am fully satisfied with the treatment they gave.

Zoya saifi

Doctor friendliness Value for money I was very anxious regarding the procedure of liposuction. But after meeting Dr Mrinalini,all my fears were put to rest. She was very patient in answering all my queries and concerns. I underwent the procedure and was discharged on the same day. I am very happy with the results of my surgery and would recommend her to anyone desiring cosmetic surgery procedures.

Bandita Gogoi

This clinic provides best of its services to their clients with assured outcome.I recommend whoever needs to be treated for major problems, should have a consultation here with Dr. Mrinalini Sharma. I consulted for my acne treatment which I was struggling with for many months along with all possible treatments and just two sessions of my peeling with Dr. Sharma showed an evident outcome. A space of quality services with excellent team management.

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