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the dermis layer of the skin to lose its strength, and make it sag, thin, wrinkled, and dehydrated.The advanced technique of fat grafting using Lipopen technology is a perfect procedure to reduce and eliminate the aging factors from the skin. The lipopen treatment uses the patient's own fat to restore the attractive contours of the facea, chin, cheeks, lips, and hands. It helps to add fullness to the area which receives the fat grafts.

Lipopen Fat Grafting In Delhi 


What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting or fat transfer is a surgical procedure that obtains fat from one part of the body and transfers it to another body part. The main aim of this surgery is to provide volume and augment the area where the fat is injected. The fat grafting technique is used for anti-aging and to provide volume in body areas like breas-t, buttocks, feet, and many more. For areas such as the face, fat grafting must be done precisely as it is a sensitive area. The smart lipopen technology used at Aestiva Clinic delivers precise and optimum results. The lipopen uses a standardized technology for fat delivery in the target areas. The device delivers small amount of fat in sensitive areas like neck, face, hands with precision, order, and in a controlled manner. At Aestiva Clinic, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Delhi performs various body augmentation procedures using advanced techniques.

Why is fat considered an ideal filler?

The fat grafting treatment is popular not only because of its aesthetic capabilities but also due to its regenerative properties. The fat tissues contain a type of cells called Mesenchymal Cells that have highly regenerative properties. This regenerative property of MSCs in the fat tissue helps to repair the injured tissue. This makes the fat cells an artistic biological medium for many different indications. The regenerative nature allows injected tissues to regenerate. The fat that is transferred is also highly purified, and it also enhances the blood circulation in the tissues. This helps to enhance the look of the skin, and the results provided are also long-lasting.

What is a Lipopen?

Lipopen is the first motorized injector that enables the fat continuous or bolus delivery in a sterile environment. It is a powerful injector for fat transfer that is equipped with cordless technology. The injector helps inject milli, micro, and nano fat in the delicate area of the face, neck, hands, and décolletage. The injector delivers the purified fat at three different delivery modes 'fat, medium, slow'. The technology also comes with different fat drop mode that includes three different sizes like ‘large, medium, and small’. These variations help in delivering the best outcomes to the patient. The M1 and M2 Lipopen mode are used to deliver fat at different target areas. With lipopen technology, the fat boluses' size and precision are constant and controlled, which helps deliver predictable outcomes. Fat grafting using lipopen is the best non-invasive treatment that improves one's aesthetic appearance.

The key to successful fat grafting treatment lies in the technique used. The grafted fat must gain the link with the blood supply in the new location. All this is now possible with a small amount of fat injected by lipopen at Aestiva Clinic. The clinic also uses advanced instrumentation methods and techniques to deliver successful fat grafting results to their patients to other different body organs.

How is fat grafting surgery performed?

Fat grafting treatment is performed in the following steps:

The fat is extracted from the donor area, and this is done using the liposuction technique. A thin liposuction cannula is used to extract fat as they make small holes at the target site. The donor site is the butt, inner or outer thigh, lower back or abdomen, and the fat is obtained using a special cannula. Various liposuction techniques are used to deliver fat safely so that they may not destroy the fat cells.

The fat is then processed using a centrifugation process that separates contaminants, debris, dead cells, and fluids, and helps obtain purified fat cells. Only undamaged and cleaned fat is used for fat transfer. Then with the lipopen device, the fat is re-injected in small droplets throughout the recipient area's subcutaneous tissues. This ensures that every fat droplet injected gets good blood supply that helps fat graft to survive. The amount of fat injected is measured in cc’s, and this requirement varies according to the patient's expectations.

What is the recovery time and when can I obtain results with Lipopen fat grafting treatment?

The key benefit of this treatment is that an individual fat is used for face and hand sculpting, obtained from the patient's own body. After the treatment, there is a possibility of bruising and swelling on the donor or target site. These are the natural reactions of the body and clear within a few days after the treatment. One is able to return to normal activities within a day or two.

The results can be seen once the swelling subsides, and it provides a lasting effect as compared to hyaluronic and collagen derma fillers. The regenerative effect of adipose brings youthful appearance to the face, and the skin continues to improve months after the surgery. Newly created blood vessels bring blood supply and nutrients to the aging skin.

What are the other benefits of Lipopen fat grafting?

The treatment provides long-lasting results using the body’s own natural source to eliminate:

  • Scars, smile lines or frown lines.

  • Sunken and depressed areas.

  • Wrinkles, furrows, and creases.

  • Dark circles, and fine lines.

  • Reduce wrinkles from hands and feet.

  • Rejuvenates the appearance and provides padding for the bony feet.

What is the cost of fat grafting using lipopen in Delhi?

The cost of the treatment depends on various factorslike:

  • Skin concerns addressed

  • Anesthetist fees

  • Liposuction and fat injection technique

  • Operation Theatre and equipment charges

  • Amount of fat injected and purified

  • Treatment sessions

  • Experience of the surgeon

The cost varies from patient to patient depending upon their concern and amount of fat purified and injected.

Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?

The ideal candidates for this treatment are those who are looking for a minimally invasive approach to achieve a more youthful look. The individuals who do not want any foreign object to enter their body can also avail this treatments benefits.

What amount of fat is required for skin rejuvenation?

The amount of fat used for face grafting varies from 10-100cc. This helps to restore volume in the hollowed and wrinkled area of the face such as cheeks, below the eyes, and the nasolabial folds. It also helps to repair scars and improves the texture and overall appearance of the skin.

What precautions must be followed after treatment?
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Do not eat salt-rich food after treatment.
  • Do not touch or scratch the treated area for a few days after the treatment.
  • Stop smoking and consuming alcohol for a few weeks after treatment.
  • Do not undergo any chemical or laser skin resurfacing treatment during fat grating treatment.

The fat augmentation technique should be part of the repertoire and must be thought of as a primary technique, not an afterthought. Fat is an ideal choice for different augmentation procedures and can be combined with implants, mastopexy, dermal matrix substitutes, and many more, as fat works nicely in junction with these treatments, as it is a natural body substance.

To know more about fat augmentation treatment in Delhi, consult today with an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, at Aestiva Clinic.

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