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Chemical peels
Chemical Peels Treatment in Delhi
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Peel away all the signs of aging from your skin with chemical peels treatment. At  Aestiva clinic, we provide chemical peels treatment which helps in skin rejuvenation not only for your face but for other parts of the body as well such as hands, chest, and neck.

Chemical Peels Treatment in Delhi


Chemical peel results into an even skin tone, smoother skin and helps get away with age spots, sun spots, fines lines and wrinkles to a great extent. Chemical peels work on the deeper layers of the skin in comparison to regular salon peel facials. Therefore, you can expect a refreshed and naturally glowing skin after the treatment.

Ideal Candidates for Chemical peels treatment

  1. A candidate with realistic expectations with the outcomes and aware of the fact that results may vary from person to person.
  2. A candidate with good overall health.
  3. The procedure is recommended for those individuals who don’t have any type of skin infections, cuts on the skin, skin diseases or sunburns.

Benefits of Chemical peels treatment

  1. Chemical peels help to reduce the fine lines present under the eyes and around the mouth.
  2. These peels are used to treat wrinkles caused due to aging, and hereditary factors; and certain types of acne and its scars.
  3. It also improves the appearance of mild scarring.
  4. Chemical peels also help in improving the look and texture of skin.
  5. It reduces dark patches, freckles and age spots caused due to pregnancy or taking contraceptive pills.
  6. Areas of sun damage appear as scaly spots which may contain pre-cancerous keratoses can also be improved with chemical peels.


The procedure of superficial peels does not require general anesthesia. Patients may feel burning sensation when the solution of chemical peel is applied on to the skin for which aestheticians use fan-aided evaporation. which . Deeper peels require anesthesia unlike superficial and mild peels. The chemical peeling process starts with the application of defatting solvent which is applied and then removed uniformly over the skin to be treated. Then the peeling solution will be applied for a specific time period followed by a neutralizing solution. The patients can go home the same day.


The complete results will be visible after a few days or weeks in some cases.

Initially treated skin will be red and swollen but with time these side effects will settle down. Lotions and creams should be applied as per the doctor’s recommendations. And sunscreen shall be used to protect the skin from UV rays. Make up shall be avoided as the cosmetic products may cause irritation on your sensitive skin. You shall continue with your follow-up appointments so that the doctor can monitor your skin regularly.

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