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In dimple surgery or dimpleplasty, dimples are created surgically. It is a safe, simple, and straightforward procedure that carries rare complications, if performed by an expert. In this surgery to create the dimple, a scar is created in the dermis, and a small amount of muscles are removed from the target side, and then absorbable sutures are used to create dimples.

Dimple Creation Surgery in Delhi

Dimple Creation Surgery Cost In Delhi Ranges From Rs. 30,000- Rs. 35,000 Per Dimple


A beautiful smile provides a more attractive look to someone’s facial beauty. In many cultures, the appearance of dimples on the cheeks is a sign of better luck and prosperity. Dimples are inherited genetically as a dominant trait and are present in both men and women that may appear unilaterally or bilaterally. On the other hand, the deeper facial muscles cause dimples through indentations in the skin layer, and some may get it through injury. Dimples are most noticeable on the cheeks or chin, and people who have a dimpled smile get more attention than non-dimpled ones. Advancements in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for anyone to get permanent dimples on their face by a simple surgical procedure. Hence, many people opt for dimple creation surgery to enhance their facial appearance.

The dimple creation in Delhi performed at Aestiva Clinic involves the removal of mass muscles and the depth of the sutures is adjusted precisely. This is done to create more natural-appearing dimples or to get a permanent tethering effect.

Ideal candidates for dimple creation surgery

The first and foremost thing to do before getting any plastic surgery procedure is to determine whether one is a suitable candidate or not. The same is being done by our expert plastic surgeon. This is needed to provide the best dimple creation surgery in Delhi. Some of the ideal candidates are those:

  • Dimple surgery is in high demand by people who want to look better and attractive.
  • People who are in a good state of health.
  • People who want to enhance their facial appearance.
  • People who have realistic expectations with this surgery.
  • People who express interest in having dimples can opt for this surgery.
  • Both men and women can get a dimpled smile with this surgery.

Note: People who want to undergo dimple creation surgery are recommended to consult a surgeon to determine if they are an ideal applicant for this surgery.

Benefits of dimple creation surgery:

  • The surgery creates natural-looking dimples on the face.
  • Safe & satisfactory results.
  • Quick and painless procedure.
  • Rare or mild complications.
  • Less recovery time.
  • One can get a more attractive look.
  • The surgery is potentially reversible.
  • Dimples help to brighten the smile and add character.
  • With this surgery, one can get dimples on both sides of their face.

The procedure of dimple creation surgery

The effective dimple creation surgery in Delhi performed at Aestiva Clinic is a multi-step procedure. It begins with marking the target area after a thorough evaluation. The target area is marked after proper skin analysis. Then the surgeon injects some local anesthesia inside the cheek to numb the site of the incision and to make the surgery comfortable. Then the surgeon creates a small depression into the cheek muscle by removing a tiny piece of tissue from the mouth. An absorbable suture is used to catch the underside of the cheek skin, and then it is sutured in the deeper soft tissues of the cheek. This does not cause any external scars as the outer area of the cheek is fully unaffected in this procedure, and the patient feels comfortable throughout this procedure. The patient gets naturally-looking dimples and permanent results from this surgery.

Procedure time: 20-30 minutes.

Side effects

Every surgery is associated with some kind of risk. This surgery can cause minimal complications, as there is no external scarring. Some complications include:

  • The patient may feel mild swelling and bruising for a few days.
  • Bleeding may occur in the treated area.
  • This surgery may cause injury to the facial nerve.
  • The risk of infection is possible with this surgery.
  • Scarring may appear after this surgery.


  • This procedure demands a short time for recovery. The patient is allowed to go home shortly after this surgery.
  • The patient may feel mild swelling just after the operation that can be reduced by using ice packs.
  • Prescribed antibiotics should be taken for faster healing.
  • To eliminate the chances of infection, proper care, and an antiseptic mouthwash should be used by the patient.
  • The patient is restricted from making extreme facial expressions during the healing process.

Conclusion : To avail the benefits of this effective dimple creation in Delhi, pay a visit to our advanced plastic surgery clinic, Aestiva Clinic. 

What is Dimple Creation Surgery Cost in Delhi?

Dimple Creation Surgery Cost In Delhi Ranges From Rs. 30,000- Rs. 35,000 Per Dimple

The dimple creation surgery cost in Delhi at our advanced skin clinic ranges from Rs. 30,000- Rs. 35,000 Per Dimple. The exact cost is dependent on the pre-operative consultation and evaluation, anaesthesia fees, complexity of the procedure, follow-up care and medications, as well as additional procedures if included. You can get an exact amount by having a consultation with our expert surgeon. 


After the surgery, the patient can resume with their normal activities, and they can eat and drink normally. The consumption of soft food is advised for a few days. During the initial two days after the surgery, some inflammation will be there in the cheeks, but this is minimal and gets corrected within a few weeks. When the swelling is gone, one can see lovely dimples and a more appealing facial appearance. The patient is also prescribed with pain medications and antibiotics for a few weeks.

Dimples appear when a person smiles. They are a type of little depressions in the skin that occur when the connective tissues that are present below the cheek pull down the skin when a person smiles (as the skin and muscles stretch). The dimples also occur due to a defect in the buccinator muscles.

During the consultation of the best dimple creation in Delhi, our surgeon decides the location of the dimples, and also gives the patient an idea of 'How the smile would glorify with the addition of dimples.'

In most of the patients, the target site is as near a point on the cheek that is outlined as the intersection of an imaginary line that is created from the eyes' outer side and the level of the corner of the mouth. This is also modified according to the patient's preference. The surgeon also reviews the patient's medical and surgical history and the existing health condition. The surgeon also examines the tissue and skin of the cheek (both inside and outside) and studies the patient's unique facial anatomy. The patient is advised to stop consuming blood-thinning medications and herbal medication for a few weeks both before and after the surgery.

Dimple creation surgery Results
Dimple Creation

*Opinions / Results may vary from person to person.

Dimple Creation

*Opinions / Results may vary from person to person.

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