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In women, the ideal aesthetic eyebrow has a well-defined arch, which also diminishes due to aging process. A brow lift or forehead lift involves recreating the definition of the drooping brow and redefining the arch in women.

Brow Lift Surgery in Delhi

Brow Lift Surgery Cost In Delhi Ranges From Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 1,50,000


With age, the eyebrows tend to droop down, giving the face a tired and pensive look. The wrinkling of the forehead and drooping eyebrows can make a person appear less energetic, dull, and prematurely aged. To combat this problem, brow lift surgery can be performed in both males and females who want the height of their eyebrow/s slightly increased. They can get a younger and energetic look with this brow lift surgery.

The male brows are slightly lower compared to females. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Aestiva Clinic, performs the best brow lift surgery in Delhi. She also takes proper care of her patients so that they look great without elevating their eyebrows too much.

This surgery helps to eliminate the signs of aging as it softens the forehead furrows, wrinkles, and lines (frown lines) and also repositions the brows. The popular eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is also performed at Aestiva Clinic, as droopy eyelids are a significant concern for many. The eyelid surgery enhances the appearance of both the lower and upper eyelids and helps reduce the signs of aging around the eyes. The droopy eyelids also impair the vision, and the puffy bags present in the under-eye area make one look worn, sleepy, and tired. The eyelid surgery helps one to gain back smoothness and tautness of the eyes as the surgery removes the extra fat, loose muscles, and skin from both upper and lower eyelid area. Very fine sutures are used in the procedure, and this helps to eliminate the visibility of scars. The surgery corrects puffy upper eyelids, removes under-eye bags and dark circles, removes fine wrinkles present under the lower eyelids, and also corrects the impaired vision caused by sagging skin that hangs from the upper eyelid area.

Procedure of brow-lift

Type of Anesthesia used: General anesthesia.

Duration: Short duration, no admission required.

Brow lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and it involves making tiny incisions in the hairline, with proper attention to provide natural-looking results. The loose skin and weakened muscles are separated from the forehead and frontal areas. This helps to contour the upper face area and the forehead skin. Some muscles are lifted and then are reattached to the bone structure. This helps to provide forehead a lift and also tightens and smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles and sagging skin. The weak muscles that are present near the eyelid area are removed, and the brow is lifted. The absorbable or non-absorbable sutures are used as a fixation device in this surgery to lift the forehead skin. At Aestiva Clinic, Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon, performs the effective surgery for brow lift in Delhi that helps the patient to regain back their youthful look.

Length of the treatment: 1-3 hours

Benefits of endoscopic brow lift surgery:

  • Quick recovery.
  • Minimally invasive (minimal incisions).
  • Natural, refreshed, and defined results.
  • Less risk of side effects or complications.

Note: The surgery can be combined with other surgical procedures like blepharoplasty, facelift, and other anti-aging treatments to achieve a complete facial rejuvenation.

  • The brows are raised, and frown lines are improved.
  • The appearance of wrinkles around the forehead, between the eyes and bridge of the nose, are reduced.
  • Excess skin from the brow (upper eyelid) is removed.
  • Smoothened forehead lines, frown lines and vertical creases that are present between the eyebrows.
  • Provide eyebrows a more youthful and natural position.
  • Results can be seen with 6-8 weeks after the surgery and after proper recovery or healing.

Note: Long term results are achieved. It is a very satisfactory procedure for the patient and instantly makes him/her look much younger.

Types of brow lift

To provide the best brow lift surgery in Delhi, we utilizes the following techniques:

A. Coronal/ Classical brow lift:

The surgery is performed under anesthesia and incision is made just above the ear level that follows the hairline above the forehead and next to the ear. Then the excess skin is trimmed and the skin carefully lifted, and fat, muscles, and tissues are adjusted and then the incision is closed with sutures and bandages applied.

B. Endoscopic brow lift technique (a less invasive form of surgery):

Advancement is the endoscopic brow lift or forehead lift, uses tiny incisions, and utilizes unique scopes to lift and excise skin. This technique uses an operating endoscope (a unique surgical video instrument or camera with a light source) to perform the surgery, and this approach shows significant benefits and better results compared to the traditional open method. The presence of the camera instrument helps the surgeon to visualize the forehead skin elevation and soft tissues. Muscles responsible for causing wrinkles are targeted with this technique, and deep tissues are re-suspended, and the surgery provides a smoother and youthful look as it restores the brow position and removes the excess eyelid skin.

Post Op Recovery:

In order to provide the best brow lift surgery in Delhi, our expert surgeon provides detailed guidelines for post care. The patient must follow the after care instructions as guided by the surgeon to prevent infection and discomfort after the treatment and to ensure early recovery. The patient can go home the same day after the surgery.

Mild swelling and bruising are expected for the first few days. Cold compresses must be applied to comfort and minimize swelling.

The patients who are non-smoker, take proper care of their skin, take an adequate amount of sleep, eat healthy diet, and those who do not take stress can typically see maximum results with this surgery. Smoking and alcohol consumption affects the healing process, so one should not smoke both before and after the surgery.

The patient can get back to work after 4-10 days. Return to exercise light cardio after 4-7 days after the surgery. The patient is advised to sleep straight, drink and eat a healthy diet, take plenty of rest, and protect the treated area from sunlight to ensure early healing. For more information or to get the best brow lift in Delhi make a visit to Aestiva Clinic, the top plastic surgery clinic.


During the initial consultation, the surgeon conducts the patient’s medical review, a physical examination (eyes, face, skin tone, texture, elasticity, muscle dynamics, the bone structure of the face), specific lab tests, and also discusses with the patient regarding the goal and expected results from the treatment. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma performs the surgery with a limited incision brow lift technique and with the endoscopic procedure to deliver the best results to the patient.

As it is a surgical technique, the scar will be present; however, in the brow-lift surgery, the scars are generally unnoticeable, and the incision is carefully made and well concealed within the hairline. So, one gets the best and scar less natural results.

The brow lift is considered a very safe procedure, but rarely sometimes complications such as infection, pus discharge, bruising, and infection at the target site may occur. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, takes utmost care of their patient both before, during, and after the treatment, so that one may not suffer from any problem during the recovery period.

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