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Lip reduction surgery is also known as Reduction Cheiloplasty, and it gives an enhanced facial appearance by modifying the lip shape by removing some excess tissues that make up the lip volume. People also look for lip reduction surgery not only for cosmetic reasons but to overcome the problems that occur due to large lips like eating or pronouncing several words.

Lip Reduction Surgery in Delhi

Lip Reduction Surgery Cost In Delhi Ranges From Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 Per Lip


Sensuous lips are an essential part of an attractive face, but excessive large lips can sometimes cause more discomfort. Naturally, large and asymmetrical lips can be a source of teasing and unhappiness for many, but the surgical art used in this technique reduces the oversized lips shape and size and give one natural-looking results. Many people have large lips and suffer self-consciousness because of their looks. Thus, to decrease the size of lips, people undergo lip reduction surgery. We at Aestiva Clinic, provides our patients the best lip reduction surgery in Delhi that helps them have lips that they have always desired for.

People who have congenital lip deformities like lip cleft lip deformities due to accidents can also opt for this surgery. The surgery for lip reduction in Delhi performed at Aestiva Clinic mainly focuses on improving the balance and size of the lower and upper lips. The surgery makes the lips more proportional to the rest of the facial features. In this surgery, the upper and lower lip size can be reduced in such a way they provide a balance with the facial characteristic such as the chin, nose, and jawline.

Potential factors that cause large lips:
  • Genetic reasons.
  • Dentofacial deformities.
  • Inflammatory infiltration.
  • Infection.
  • Generalized thickening of the tissues.
  • Congenital defects.
  • Injury to the lips.
  • Unsatisfactory lip augmentation
Ideal candidates for lip reduction surgery:

The first and the foremost thing to do before getting any plastic surgery procedure is to determine whether one is a suitable candidate or not. The same is being done by our expert plastic surgeon. This is needed to provide the best surgery for lip reduction treatment in Delhi. Some of the ideal candidates are those:

  • People who are in good health and realistic expectations with the surgery.
  • People with large lips that don’t match with other facial features.
  • People who have unsatisfactory results from lip augmentation.
  • Must be a non-smoker and must have stable body weight.

Lip reduction is an outpatient procedure that is designed to make the lips balanced and proportional to other facial features. The procedure is beneficial for people who want to reduce the volume of their lips and must be performed by an experienced surgeon to deliver the best results.

The procedure of lip reduction surgery:

Lip reduction surgery in Delhi performed at Aestiva Clinic may require local anesthesia to comfort the patients. During this procedure, a horizontal incision in the pink inner area of the lip is created that reduces the chance of scarring. The area and precision of incisions are created to reduce lip volume as well as to give a beautiful lip line. Excess amount of fat and tissue is then removed, and the incision is closed through tiny permanent sutures. Non-absorbable sutures are removed five days later, and no scars are visible after surgery. This procedure takes 1-2 hours and can be performed to correct both the upper and lower lips. This procedure results in improved and balanced facial features to the patients.

Surgical time: The treatment may take about 45-90 minutes and is mostly performed under local anesthesia.

Recovery: This is a safe and simple procedure, after which patients can go back home. Patients are instructed about the care of incisions, way of eating, use of pain medications, and maintaining oral hygiene. Swelling may occur that can be controlled by using ice packs as instructed by the doctor. During initial days patients may experience mild swelling, discomfort, redness, and bruising. Patients can resume their work within a week after the procedure.

The sharp features of the face provide an enhanced aesthetic look to an individual’s personality. Beautifully shaped lips give an elegant look to the face. Get the best lip reduction in Delhi at Aestiva Clinic by an expert cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Mrinalini Sharma.

Benefits of lip reduction procedure:

The lip reduction treatment in Delhi done at Aestiva Centre provides following benefits:

  • The surgery typically requires a local anesthetic agent.
  • Little downtime after the procedure.
  • No visible scarring.
  • Lip reduction surgery provides defined, sculptured lips that improve and balance facial features.
  • This procedure overcomes regular problems such as drinking, eating, and speaking in some people.
  • This procedure boosts the self-esteem and self-confidence of an individual by providing them the desired facial appearance.
  • This surgery gives a more balanced and sculpted appearance.
  • Enhances facial harmony.
  • The surgery reduces or eliminates the asymmetry of the lips.
  • It provides a more attractive shape and structure to the patient.
  • The surgery also corrects the effects caused by previous lip reduction.

Before the treatment:

During the consultation, the surgeon discusses the expectation and wishes of the patient associated with the treatment. The surgeon decides an individualized treatment plan that lines up according to an individual's desires. The treatment can treat various problems and improves the overall facial look.


Large or overly fat lips might be a source of shame or lack of self-confidence. This surgery also corrects the upper and bottom big lips (oversized lips), and it also corrects the hanging down lips. The lip reduction surgery helps make the lips thinner by removing the excess mucous membrane, present inside the lips to reduce the lip size. The stitches are made inside the mouth, and there will be no visible scars after the surgery. The stitches used in the surgery are generally dissolvable.

After the surgery, the lips appear larger and swelled up, but this resolves over a period of about a week, and patients are recommended to eat soft food for several days for early healing. One can see the final outcome when the swelling completely subsides, and this can happen anywhere after about 3 weeks to 4 months of the treatment.

The lip reduction surgery is not only performed for aesthetic reasons but also corrects the functional ones. The people born with misshapen lips often face problems while chewing food, speaking, salivary secretion control, and in making a facial expression. All these problems can be dealt with lip reduction surgery.

Lip reduction is the safest surgery, but it should be done by an experienced surgeon to deliver the best results. Patients may experience mild redness, swelling, and pain during the first few days after the procedure. Some rare complications are as follows:

  • Bruising.
  • Infection.
  • Poor healing.
  • Scarring.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Severe swelling


But following proper aftercare and guidelines provided by the surgeon, one can reduce the risk of getting these complications.

Lip reduction/ plumping Results
Lip Reduction

*Opinions / Results may vary from person to person.

Lip Reduction

*Opinions / Results may vary from person to person.

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