Nose Reshaping Surgery

Nose Surgery

The nose occupies a central position in the face and thereby lends a great deal to overall facial beauty and a pleasing look.

Nose reshaping surgeries or rhinoplasty encompasses a variety of surgeries designed to correct deformities and intensify nasal proportions. These include

Tip Surgery: Performed to correct a buboes, wide tip and nasal flaring. This procedure is done under local/general anaesthesia depending on the extent of surgery.

  1. Nasal hump correction.
  2. Augmentation of the nasal bridge.
  3. Osteotomies for reduction of width of the nose.
  4. Septum repositioning for deviated septum and associated breathing difficulties.

Had nose surgery done one month back. The result was superb. Am extremely thankful and grateful to dr mrinalini sharma! ✱ Results may vary person to person.


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