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Scope Surgery For Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia is an abnormal medical condition caused in males due to abnormal hormone secretion which induces enlargement of male breasts just like females. Gynecomastia is not a serious ailment. But, yes its a matter of stress and can trouble young people a lot. It lowers down their self-esteem and they find themselves socially vulnerable. In some cases, it can also spur as side effects of some certain medicines. Mostly, it disappears within a duration of two weeks to 2 years, but in some cases, it doesn’t go. It is then when you need clinical help.

It often becomes a reason for social embarrassment. Especially, young kids and teenagers become an easy prey for bullying and teasing by friends and classmates. Those young kids who suffer tend to hide their body by means of different excuses. They would wear loose-fitting shirts and avoid sports like swimming which requires them to take off their shirts in public. As it lowers down their self-respect and would start hating themselves, they would not easily uncover the fact even to their parents. Being a parent, unluckily if you face such situations of your teenage boy, you should extend your full-fledged support to make him feel that he will be alright and its just a disease which needs treatment.

Surgery is the only solo option for treatment of this condition. But, one should consult only board certified plastic surgeon for surgery of Gynecomastia. Medical science has advanced at much higher pace and thus offers the safe and risk-free option of surgery for Gynecomastia. Generally, fatty breast tissues which cause the swelling are removed during the surgery which brings male chest to normal condition. You should be really hopeful about the outcomes of surgery because, in most of the cases, it removes the swollen area without any side effects. It is a day care procedure and only local anesthesia is used for the surgery. It takes very short duration for completing the surgery. As it is a surgical procedure, heavy exercises are advised to be avoided for at least few weeks. Your Doctor will also advise you to wear compression garments for six months to ensure right body contouring.

When you know, you need to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon, come to Aestiva clinic of Delhi NCR. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma who owns the clinic is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has immense exposure in surgical procedures including that of Gynecomastia. If you wish to book appointments to know more about scope and possibilities of surgery for Gynecomastia, call on 8447652698 or shoot an email at

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