Things You Need to Know about Breas-t Lift Surgery
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Things You Need to Know about Breas-t Lift Surgery

30 Nov 2019 By Admin

Gravity and increasing age cause the breas-ts to lose natural elasticity resulting in sagging and hanging breas-ts. Many a times, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, nursing also contributes to the change in breas-t profile. Breas-t lift is a safe and effective treatment that corrects the imperfect shape and sagging breas-ts.

The female breas-t reduction and breas-t lift surgery in Delhi, at Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic, helps the breas-ts to restore a more youthful position. Many people opt for breas-t lift surgery along with breas-t augmentation to add volume, if desired.

Learn more about the benefits and techniques of breas-t lift surgery provided by Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, at, Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic in Delhi:

1. Improve the breas-t contour after weight loss: Weight loss often causes a loss in breas-t volume. A breas-t lift can help to restore and change the proportions and provides youthful breas-ts by removing the excess sagging skin.

2. Natural breas-t profile and shape: Breas-t lift surgery helps to improve the pre-existing breas-t asymmetry and also reduces the size of the areola and helps to elevate the breas-t to a more ideal position. The surgery is mainly performed to reduce or increase the size of the breas-t using an implant or fat.

Types of breas-t lift

There are various types of breas-t lift surgery performed, and it is categorized based on the incision technique, amount of excess skin removed, and the patient's desire. Different types of breas-t lift surgery include:

  • Anchor lift: It corrects sagging, pendulous breas-t, and in this surgery, a more significant amount of sagging tissue and excess skin is removed. It provides dramatic reshaping and uses three incisions (around the areola, one along the inflammatory fold, and one from vertically from areola bottom to the crease of the breas-t). The scarring fades significantly with time and proper care.

  • Peri-areolar lift: Involves single scar and is performed in women suffering from mild sagging.

  • Vertical lift: Reshapes the entire breas-t, hidden sagging and corrects moderated sagging.

  • Crescent lift: Performed in women with minimal sagging and involves minimal scarring.

Ideal Candidates

Women with sagging breas-ts can achieve the best results with the surgery. If someone is carrying a lot of excess weight, in such a case, the surgeon may suggest weight-loss measures before surgery. The best candidates for breas-t lift are those who have realistic expectations from the procedure, emotionally stable, physically healthy, and not suffering from any autoimmune disorder and must have completed their family. If someone is planning to have more children, then they must postpone their breas-t lift surgery. Childbirth and breas-tfeeding can affect the shape and size of the breas-t after surgery.

Minimum risk or complications

Breas-t lift surgery can normally have few complications, and some risks like bleeding, infection, scars, and the reaction of anaesthesia may occur. The patient can move comfortable several days after surgery, and one is instructed to wear the supporting garment or bra for a few weeks until the swelling subsides. The surgeon also provides pain medications to make the patient feel comfortable after the surgery, and the patient must sleep on their back or straight until the complete recovery occurs.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: With the aging process, the breas-t still undergoes natural changes, but with proper care and performing physical activities, one can maintain long-lasting results. It is essential to understand lifestyle events such as pregnancy and weight loss or gain can negatively affect the results.

Dr. Mrinalini Sharma, a skilled and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Aestiva Plastic Surgery Clinic, can create more breas-t profile using tailored techniques as per the woman's unique needs. The cost of breas-t lift surgery in Delhi varies from patient to patient as the concern and improvement required by every individual differ. Consult today, for a safe, cost-effective, and rewarding procedure that also provides long-lasting results and best results.

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