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Enhance Facial Beauty and Smile with Dimple Creation Surgery

24 Oct 2019 By Admin

Dimples are small face indentations that can be present anywhere on the skin surface. They become more visible if present on the face, and their presence accentuates the smile, sociability, and facial beauty. Dimples can be transient or permanent. These are formed due to excess fat deposits or because of the defect created by muscles on the face (cheek). Bone defect results in the formation of chin dimples. 

But unfortunately, not all of us have dimples. Thankfully, it is possible to have dimples with a dimple creation surgery or dimpleplasty. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for facial dimple creation. The dimple creation surgery is performed under local anaesthetic, and involves the buccinator muscle adherence. The procedure is simple, safe, reliable and easily reproducible. During surgery, the tissue is excised. Hence, hematoma formation and bleeding are negligible during the procedure. 

The dimple creation surgery performed by Dr. Mrinalini Sharma is a simple outpatient procedure which helps to create artificial dimples. The patient is discharged on the same day after the procedure. This surgery provides highly satisfactory results. 

The surgeon positions the dimples according to the patient’s desire which is discussed during the initial consult. If the patient is not able to decide the place for dimple creation, then an ideal location is identified or located. The ideal location for dimple creation is the intersection point of the horizontal line that is the line of the angel of the mouth and the perpendicular line that is drooping from the external canthus. Reference is also taken when the person sucks the cheeks inwards, so the place where maximum depression occurs is also considered as an ideal location for dimple creation. 

After administering local anaesthesia, the patient is asked to lie down, and the surgeon draws the site where the dimples will be placed. The circular intra-oral incision is created in the located site. The mucomuscular attachments are scraped just below the skin, and a small piece of fat and muscle is removed, and extra care is taken to avoid damage to the mucosa. Depending upon the dimples width (size to be created), the targeted area is scrapped. The incisions performed are closed with dissolvable sutures, and these sutures get easily dissolve within the next few days. The dimple creation surgery does not involve the outer part of the cheek, and due to intra-oral incision, the patient is advised to stay on a soft diet for a few days. The surgery takes 30-60 minutes, depending upon the changes required by the patient. 

Dimple creation surgery is a simple procedure and does not cause any potential complications. These include bleeding, hematoma, delayed healing, anaesthesia risks, and dimple asymmetry. The patient may also experience some bruising, pain, and swelling after surgery; this usually resolves after a few hours or days of the surgery. The patient can resume their daily activities the very next day.

To prevent infection, the patient must take antibiotics following the surgery. Ice packs are applied to alleviate any discomfort. Keep your mouth clean and rinse it with an antiseptic mouth twice a day.

Go for a follow-up appointment after 2 weeks of surgery to review the results and to check the rate of the healing process. The final results can be seen after 2-3 months of surgery, and once the treated area is fully healed, the dimple will appear when the person smiles. 

The result of dimpleplasty is permanent. The surgery is not an ideal choice for people with saggy, thin skin, and hollowed cheeks. The success of the surgery depends upon the surgeon's understanding of the patient desires and also on the proper understanding of the unique muscle structure. One must consult an experienced surgeon, to avoid overly dramatic or unnatural looking dimples.

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