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Abdominoplasty / tummy tuck surgery


Loose, unsightly bulges in the waist and tummy area are a common problem in women, especially after child birth. Abdominoplasty also called “tummy tuck” can resolve contours of the abdomen by surgical removal of excess skin and underlying fat. The final result is a flatter, firmer belly with desirable waist contours.

Stretch marks in the lower abdomen can also be reduced greatly by this procedure. It also strengthens the abdominal musculature which becomes lax following pregnancy.

Skin excess following massive weight loss is also managed with abdominoplasty.

The procedure involves excision of excess skin along with underlying tissue and repositioning of the umbilicus. Depending on the extent of laxity, the procedure can be a mini – abdominoplasty where the umbilicus is not repositioned or a total abdominoplasty with recreation of the umbilicus. The final scar following surgery is hidden in the panty line as in a caesarean section.

The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia.

Duration: Short duration, no admission required.

Post Operative Care: Drains are left in place for half-a-week and the patient requires a rest of a week to a fortnight. Exercise and weight lifting are contraindicated in the initial few weeks. A compression garment must be worn at all time for this period.

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