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Youthful contours of the breast are characterised by firm, round breast with the nipple and areola positioned in the centre of the breast tissue.

With the effect of ageing, gravity and breast feeding women tend to lose these desirable positions and develop loose, sagging breasts with the nipple and areola sagging downwards.

B-lifts or mastopexy is designed to lift the breast including the gland and the nipple. Correction can be done using various procedures depending on the extent of the problem.

This is often combined with breast augmentation to regain the rounded contour of a youthful breast.

Incisions for the procedures can be placed around the nipple areola complex or in the inflammatory crease. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

Post Operative Care includes wearing a sports bra for initial few weeks and heavy exercises should be avoided post surgery.

Potential complications include bleeding, loss of nipple sensations and inability to breastfeed. It is therefore advisable that the aspect of future breast feeding be discussed with the patient prior to the procedure.


  • Do i need breast implants or breast lift?

    Breast implants are used to add volume to the breast. A breast lift is dine when loose skin of the breast needs to be tightened. The two procedures are often combined to provide both volume and shape to the ageing breast.

  • Does breast lift leave scars?

    A breast lift requires some incisions depending on the extent of sagging. These usually settle down with time.
    The various techniques used for a lift include:

    1. Periareolar mastopexy: This involves a circular scar around the nipple area. This is suitable if only a modest amount of laxity exist. The scar is at the junction of the areola and breast tissue and becomes almost imperceptible over time.

    2. Vertical/lollipop mastopexy: This involves a vertical line starting from the nipple to the breast crease. This suffices if a little amount of skin needs to be excised.

    3. Inverted T pattern/Wise resection: This involves a scar with a vertical limb which starts from the nipple and ends at the breast crease. The transverse limb of the scar lies along the breast crease. This pattern is used when there is a significant amount of skin sagging.

  • Will my breast look larger after a breast lift?

    A breast lift in itself does not increase the size of breasts. However, it does impart a more youth full appearance in terms of firmness and shape. If small size is a concern, the procedure can be combined with a breast implant in an augmentation mastopexy.

  • How long do results last?

    The results vary from patient to patient. There are several factors which determine the longevity of breast lift results. Most of the patients will be satisfied with the treatment for many years though the factors like genetic predisposition, the quality of surgery and your expectations. Also, you are advised to follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon such as diet and weight management to ensure long term results.

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