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Brow Lift



With age, the eyebrows tend to droop down giving the face a tired and pensive look.

In women, the ideal aesthetic eyebrow has a well-defined arch which is also diminished due to the ageing process.

Brow lift a.k.a forehead lift involves recreating the definition of the drooping brow and redefining the arch in women.

The procedure involves tiny incisions in the hairline through which the skin of the forehead is raised. Excess skin is then excised to smoothen out wrinkles and lift the eyebrows.

Advancement is the endoscopic brow lift which uses very small incisions and utilises special scopes to lift and excise skin.

Types Of Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

Duration: Short duration, no admission required.

Post Op Recovery: Mild swelling and bruising are expected for the first few days.

Results: Long term results are achieved. It is a very satisfactory procedure for the patient and instantly makes him/her look much younger.

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