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Ear surgery or otoplasty comprises of a myriad of procedures designed to shape the existing ear or construct an ear lobe in case of congenital defects. Candidates for otoplasty include patients with:

  1. Protruding ears
  2. Absence of a part or whole of the ear
  3. Torn ear lobes due to trauma or due to use ofheavy earrings in women.

The most common aesthetic procedure for the ear is correction of the protruding ear.

Types Of Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia or General anaesthesia.

Duration: The procedure involves incisions at the back of the ear, correction of skin and cartilage protrusion and closure of the incision. This is a short duration procedure, no admission required.

Post Op Care: This involves a head dressing to protect the ear for a few days. Pain medications are required for a few days even after the sutures are removed.

The second most common procedure is repair of the ear lobule. It is a simple procedure performed under local anaesthesia.

The patient is advised not to wear earring for initial days after the treatment and then a new ear piercing is created.

Congenital absences of ears can be treated in a staged manner which takes approximately a couple of years after the child is 6 years old.

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