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Scar correction


Scar Correction Surgery in Delhi

Scars are the sequel of any trauma or infection on the skin. Although scars fade over time, some tend to be still very conspicuous, especially facial scars. Facial scars can have a negative effect on the self-confidence of a person. Such people can benefit greatly from our procedures to reduce scarring.


  1. Scar revision (surgical)
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Fillers and lipoinjection
  4. LASER resurfacing

It is of utmost importance to understand that no matter what technique is used it is not possible to eliminate scars completely.

The best outcomes are scar reduction, reduction in scar pigmentation, flattening of elevated scars or conversion of broad scars into a thin line. Dr. Mrinalini Sharma counsels each patient about the type of treatment suited to each scar and also about the best endpoints achievable.

Scar revision is used to treat longstanding scars which are well settled and supple. It usually involves excision of the scar in single or multiple sittings depending upon its size and location. This technique is very effective in converting broad scars into thinner, less visible ones.

Depressed scars can also be improved and camouflaged with the use of fillers or fat grafting. Another surgical method of scar treatment, especially suited for facial scars is the use of techniques which re-orient scars along existing facial lines and creases making them less easily noticeable.

Hyperpigmentation or darkening of scars. These are also treatable, albeit not completely with LASERS and chemical peels. More often than not, a combination of treatments is used. Another form of scarring is keloid or hypertrophic scars which are areas of raised, unsightly and dark coloured and occur at the site of an injury or burns. They can also be managed by various modalities like intralesional injections, skin grafting and resurfacing with LASERS. This often requires multiple sessions before results are satisfactory.

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