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Eyelid Surgery



“Eyes are the windows of the soul.” This aphorism conveys the importance of beautiful eyes in facial aesthetics.

With age a constellation of changes in the tissue and skin surrounding the eye impart a “tired, unhappy look”.These comprise of excess upper eyelid skin and “hooding”, “crow’s feet”, “hollowed appearance and unsightly “eye bags.”

Blepharoplasty surgeries aim at correction of the above age related changes and restoration of a youthful appearance. Complementing these is the use of anti wrinkle injections which eliminates wrinkles around the eyes.

Incisions are placed on the upper eyelids as shown and excess skin is removed to correct hooding.

Lower lid surgery involves an incision along the eyelash line with correction of fat bags and repositioning of tissues to correct hollowing.

Types Of Anaesthesia: Usually local anaesthesia.
Duration: This is a short duration procedure, no admission required.
Post-op Care: This requires pain medications and rest for the first few days following surgery. Minimal bruising and swelling are common and resolve within a fortnight. Cold fomentation with ice packs accelerates the resolution of swelling.

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