Debunking The Common Plastic Surgery Myths
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Debunking The Common Plastic Surgery Myths

12 Sep 2018 By Admin

It’s sometimes amusing as well as disheartening when our patients visit us with a lot of myths and misconceptions related to the procedures of plastic surgery. Therefore, the thought of debunking some of the most common myths about plastic surgery arised, and here we go.

Myth 1. Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery mean the same.
Truth. Both the terms – plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not interchangeable. People think these terms mean the same but that is not true. Plastic surgery is used to correct dysfunctional part(s) of the body, whereas Cosmetic Surgery is used to improve the aesthetic appeal of a body part including treatments like body contouring.

Myth 2. Plastic Surgery is only meant for women.
Truth. The percentage of women who undergo plastic surgery is higher than the percentage of men undergoing plastic surgery treatments. But, plastic surgery is only meant for women would be a completely wrong statement. The ratio of Male and Female patients operated at Aestiva Clinic is 1:3. The plastic surgery procedures such as Eyelid Surgery, Ear Surgery, and Rhinoplasty are the treatments which are mostly prefered by men these days. Irrespective of the gender, plastic surgery procedures help both men and women improve their appearance.

Myth 3. Plastic Surgery is very expensive.
Truth. There was a time when Plastic surgery was only opted by celebrities but advanced and modern technologies have made plastic surgery procedures more affordable for everyone. Therefore, Plastic Surgery can no longer be considered as a luxury for rich class only.

Myth 4. The results of Plastic Surgery last forever.
Truth. Well, we all know that nothing lasts forever. The optimum results can be achieved from a plastic surgery procedure by choosing a well trained plastic surgeon and following the instruction post-op. However, you can’t control natural factors like aging which is definitely going to affect the appearance as well as the structure of your skin.

Myth 5. Plastic surgery can be dangerous.
Truth. There are some health risks involved in the plastic surgery procedures but you don’t have to risk your life. Most of the procedures are now safe and risk-free given to the advancements in the field. Also, if you choose a certified plastic surgeon, they will try and minimize the risks involved with a surgery.

Hope, this article was helpful for you. If you would like to know more about plastic surgery treatments, we would be glad to educate you. To book an online appointment log on to or reach us at

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